It is recommended to start using less busy ~ 10: 30 / after 16: 00 ~!


It is recommended to start using less busy ~ 10: 30 / after 16: 00 ~!

During sunny days, customers who use it will concentrate and waiting time of about 15 minutes up to 30 minutes may occur until you get on the ropeway. We will inconvenience you to use.

Since the waiting time is relatively low, it is recommended since around 10:30 from business opening and after 16:00.
Group guests using the bus tour will have lunch around this ropeway, so it will be most crowded before and after the lunch time zone (11: 00-15: 00). Individual customers avoid this time please use.

If you expect to wait for more than 30 minutes before getting on the ropeway after we arrive at our facility, we will distribute numbered tickets.

[How to use]
1. At entrance of station building, regardless of individuals or groups, please take a numbered ticket for each group.
(Automatic ticketing for you to operate i Pad by yourself)

2. If you scan the QR code written on the numbered ticket with your smartphone, you can check the number of customers you are waiting for. (You can also check the waiting status even at digital signage at the station entrance)

3. After taking a numbered ticket, please go to Kawaguchi Lake pleasure boat "Ansoroleil" and go to dining and shopping at neighboring stores.
 "Token coupon tickets" available at neighboring stores are issued at the same time as the numbered tickets, so please use by all means.

4. If you have directions on the screen of the smartphone, please come directly to the entrance. You can get on the ropeway smoothly with almost no waiting time.

We appreciate your cooperation.

[Update date]: November 2, 2018

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