October 6 (Saturday) - December 2 (Sunday) We will hold the Mitsukendo Hiking Campaign by train! !

In Fujikyu, we will hold "Mitsuzenkan Hiking Campaign".

Please enjoy the beautiful autumnal leaves Mitsu - Pass mountain.

◆ Duration

October 6 (Sat) - December 2 (Sun) of Heisei 30

◆ Benefits for those with a leaflet
Mitsutoge Green Center
Discount bathing fee (610 yen → 400 yen)
50 yen discount on meal (limited to set meals of 400 yen or more)
Fuji panorama ropeway ropeway one way (Fujimidai station → lakeside station) free
※ For details please check the fliers distributed at Kawaguchiko station, Mitsukigei station etc.

[Update date]: October 5, 2018

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