“Takeda Shingen's Sengoku Plaza Superb View Yagura” opened on Friday, November 22

On November 22 (Friday), a new spot is born on the top of Mount Fuji Panorama Ropeway!

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"Sengoku Square Scenic View Yura of Shingen Takeda" is about 3 minutes walking from the summit shop Tanuki Chaya to Mitsukuma, "I want more customers to enjoy the best view of Mt. Fuji" It was installed from the thought.

Its shape is like a pontoon that protrudes from a cliff at an altitude of 1,110m, which is even higher than the ropeway summit open space. You can enjoy it in a special seat without any obstruction.

In addition, the area where “Scenic View Yagura” is located is the theme area “Shingen Square of Takeda Shingen” inspired by Shingen Takeda's Jinya. A photo spot such as a face panel is set up so that overseas customers can feel the Japanese atmosphere.

Admission is free. Please drop in when you come to the summit.

[Outline of Shingen Takeda's Sengoku Plaza Superb View]

■ Facility name
Japanese name: Takeda Shingen's Sengoku Plaza
English name: Fujiyama viewing platform
■ Elevation
■ Facility height
About 7m
■ Opening date
Friday, November 22, 2019

■ Business hours
9: 30 ~ 15:50 (*)
(*) Varies depending on the season. The gate will close at the time of departure of the last flight down the ropeway. In addition, the ropeway holidays will be closed all day.

[Updated]: November 21, 2019

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