Prevention of new coronavirus infection [For everyone to use with confidence]

~ Lake Kawaguchi ~ Mt. Fuji Ropeway is taking the following measures.

1. [Alcohol disinfection]We regularly disinfect the parts such as handrails of gondolas and ticket vending machines that are touched by customers with alcohol. AlsoWe have installed antiseptic solutions in various places and have our customers cooperate in infection prevention measures.

2. [Ventilation]The windows and vents of the gondola are opened for constant ventilation. At the shop, the air is replaced regularly and a space sterilization deodorizer using hypochlorous acid is operated.

3. 3. [Three dense (closed, dense, close) measures] We will limit the number of passengers on the gondola to about half (about 25 people) or less, and will operate extra flights at any time during times of congestion. When customers line up at ticket offices, etc., we ask for your cooperation, such as keeping a distance between them.

4. [Staff guidance]The staff conducts health checks such as thermometry every day. It is obligatory to wear a mask and disinfect your fingers frequently.

We will continue to take necessary measures with top priority on ensuring the health and safety of our customers and staff. YoursWe appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

[Update date]: April 20, 2020

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