Guidance of collaboration with "Onsen Mustamme"

From Wednesday, February 23, 2022 (Holiday), which is "Mt. Fuji Day", fuji kyuko Co., Ltd. will collaborate with the popular content "Onsen Mousme Project, hereinafter Onsen Mousme" at each facility operated in the Kawaguchiko area.

~ Kawaguchiko - Mt. Fuji Panorama Ropeway, the announcement in the gondola will be changed to "Kawaguchiko Takami" version (cv. Saori Onishi) from the same day.
In addition, mt. Tenjo, where our facility is located, is said to be the stage of "Kachikachiyama", so this time "Kawaguchiko Taokami" wore a rabbit costume!
During the collaboration period, the photo spot of "Kawaguchiko Takami" in rabbit costumes appears at the top of the mountain is only here in the whole country!




[Update]: February 22, 2022

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