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From Lake Kawaguchiko to Tenjo Mountain ~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji Panorama ropeway (completed in July 1949), because Tenjo Mountain is the stage of Osamu Dazai's masterpiece "Ticking Mountains", the gondola, We operate as a leisure spot of images where rabbits and raccoon dogs play happily at the station building, observatory deck.

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Job Opportunity

Recruitment of part-time staff (* Temporarily suspended from April 2020)

Application Requirements

Location: ~ Lake Kawaguchi ~ Mt. Fuji Panorama Ropeway (Fuji Kyuko Co., Ltd. Cableway Office)
Hourly wage: 1,000 yen ~ (900 yen for a maximum of two months during the training period)
Job description: Stand (sale of souvenirs and snacks), station duties (ticket sales, ticket gates, home guidance)
Working hours: 8: 30-17: 30 Short working hours OK!
Benefits: Transportation expenses, uniforms, in-house nursery
Contact: TEL: 0555-72-0363

Safety Guarantee

~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji Panorama ropeway conducts daily inspection and trial operation, regular maintenance and inspection of facilities every year, and equipment update in order to enjoy with confidence, this year, the train, balance equipments cutting work, electric motor · We have updated the control panel. In addition, in preparation for emergency situations, all employees, such as (1) emergency fall training, (2) preliminary prime mover training, etc., continue to make constant efforts to ensure customer safety.

Emergency descent training

If it becomes impossible to operate due to a breakdown or a natural disaster, and there is no prospect of immediate restoration, training to rescue customers in suspended carriers

Preliminary prime mover training

In order to accommodate stoppers stopped in the middle of the railway line at the bus stop when the main prime mover can not operate due to power outage or failure, change the connection from the main motor of the electric motor to the spare prime mover of the diesel engine, change the ropeway to emergency Training for driving.

Safety report

Fuji Kyuko Co., Ltd. Safety Report 2020

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