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Observatory Deck

Observatory and Tenuki tea house renewed from July, Heisei.
The new observation platform has a large panorama of Mt. Fuji spreading in front of us and a skirt that spreads to the fullest extent
You can see.
It is about twice the size of the old observation deck, and it is majestic to many customers
You can enjoy Mt. Fuji.

Fuji summer Fuji summer

Popular spots

"Tenjo Bell"

"Tenjo Bell"
~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji The panorama ropeway observatory has a popular spot "Tenko no bell".
Fuji is set opposite to Mt. Fuji, it is a perfect location to ring the bell while shooting the power of Mt. Fuji as a whole and to shoot.

Usagi Jinja(Rabbit Shrine)

Usagi Jinja(Rabbit Shrine)
We pray for the safety, healthy legs of mountaineers and tourists of Mitsukicho, one of the 100 famous mountains of Yamanashi, and we are deaconing the bodies of rabbits in the company.
There are two "Koma rabbits" that are not Kodama dogs on both sides, and when you stroke the head of "Dreaming Rabbit" which is head down, when you stroke the legs of "Wisdom Acceptance" and "Fujimi Rabbit" standing Up on the Back Leg "Kenzo", we have arranged each thoughtfully.

Throw the "Kawara"

Throw the "Kawara"
In Tenjo volleyball, Banpakuhime Life famous as a god of marriage and two sisters of flowers known as the gods of beauty and Mt. Fuji are held.
This sister Goddess is revered from the surrounding residents as a guardian god to help the creation of all things with a sublime heart, bringing eternal love, peace and prosperity, and handed down a mythological legend related to Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchi Lake.
The eternity (pottery) is about the unglazed vessel (cup) made of clay.
To throw this dish in order and to fulfill various wishes to God of Tenjozan is "Kawase throw" here.

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