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~河口湖~ 富士山パノラマロープウェイは、太宰治の名作「かちかち山」の舞台です。 物語にちなんで、ロープウェイのゴンドラの上や、展望台のあちらこちらに、たぬきやウサギの人形が飾られ、お客様をお迎えしています。
天上山=カチカチ山山頂まで3分で運行するロープウェイ、標高1,075メートルの展望台からは360度のパノラマで富士山、河口湖全景を望むことができ、 天候の良い日は南アルプス(赤石岳、荒川岳)までも遠望できます。



An individual

Round trip (adult) Round trip (dwarf) One way (adult) One way (dwarf)
Predetermined 1000円 500 yen 600円 300円
Disabled person 500 yen ¥ 250 300円 150円


Round trip (adult) Round trip (dwarf) One way (adult) One way (dwarf)
General 900 yen 450 yen 540円 270 yen
A student 800円 400 yen 480円 240円
  1. Adult fares will be higher than junior high school students (same for group discounts).
  2. 小人運賃は小学生以上となります(同上)。
  3. 小学生未満のお子様 大人1名につき1名まで無料となります。 ※それ以上の場合は小人料金となります。
  4. The group will be 15 people or more (Student discount (15 people or more) Representative 1 student ID must be presented).
  5. For elementary schoolchildren and below, it will be used for dwarf group rates.
  6. It is not possible to use multiple discounts such as ride discount tickets and discounts for disabled people.
  7. 障がい者等割引運賃は、手帳のご提示があった場合に限ります。(詳しくは"About using people with disabilities"Please refer to the)
  8. Please be advised that it is attached to the refund after use.

Pet / auxiliary dog ​​ride

Boarding fee

Pet (small, medium size)

Small size 300円
Medium size 500 yen
large I can not get on the train.

Pets (small animals) excluding service dogs can be brought into the gondola only for a fee, provided that they are placed in a hard case for pets (soft cases and carts are not allowed).

Auxiliary dog

~河口湖~ 富士山パノラマロープウェイでは、『身体障がい者補助犬法』に基づき、補助犬(盲導犬・聴導犬・介助犬)につきましては、そのまま同伴乗車可能となっております。

Prohibited carry-on items

Dangerous goods which can not be transported in mixed with passengers

Explosives (explosives of Explosives Control Law (No. 149 of 1951)).
Firework for toys exceeding 100 g
Flammable liquids other than volatile oil, kerosene, gas oil, alcohols, carbon disulfide and other ignitable liquids (excluding those used for smoking writers and hand warmers)
Film exceeding 100 grams Other celluloids (refers to fabric products, semi-finished products and scraps based on nitrocellulose)
Yellow gold, carbide, metallic sodium and other ignition constituents and magnesium powder, hydrogen peroxide, sodium peroxide and other scraps
Loadable soda, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other putrefactive substances
High pressure gas (High Pressure Gas Control Law (Law No. 204 of 1954) high pressure gas
Chloropicrin, methyl chloride, liquid hydrocyanic acid, chloroform, formalin and other toxic gases that may generate
Match over 500 g
Battery (excluding dry batteries)
In addition to what is listed in the preceding item, goods that may cause harm to other passengers
However, the following shall be excluded.

In the case of explosives, those falling under 1 of the following items
(1) Things that are placed in containers that are not subject to ignition due to vibration or shock, which is a hunting gun detonator and signal detonator that does not exceed 300 grams (2) Signal flame tube and signal fire (3) not exceeding 500 grams Competitive paper detonator that does not exceed 100 grams (4) It is a package and air gun within 50 shots that are inserted in a sabile or medicine. (5) A gun and a gun shot (a police officer, a prison officer and others) For flammable liquids limited to cases where items carrying firearms are brought into the carriers due to their duties based on laws and ordinances, those falling under the following items
(1) It is one that does not exceed 0.5 liter and is sealed in a container that is not liable to leak and is packed so that there is no possibility of damage to the container. (2) A paint that can not catch fire exceeding 10 kg And those sealed in metal containers In case of celluloids, those falling under 1 of the following items
(1) Those not exceeding 300 grams and packaged with an electrically insulating material such as a paper box or the like (2) Film film which is placed in a container of nonflammable electrical insulation material such as fiber (In this case, the container shall not be opened due to vibration shock or the like) (3) Film film which is put in a film container and is put in a bag made of canvas (In this case, the bag made of canvas is made of JISL 3102 upper canvas No. 8 or cotton cloth No. 8 or canvas having thickness and strength equal to or greater than these, which is double bottom so that the upper lid cloth or medium Must be covered with lid cloth and are not using metal products) Carbide in a dry state not exceeding 25 g and sealed in a container that is not likely to break
Those which are hermetically sealed in containers which are not susceptible to scattering even if it is a photographic powder for photography not exceeding 500 g and which are packaged so that there is no danger of damage to the container
For corrosive substances, those falling under 1 of the following items
(1) It is one that does not exceed 0.5 liters, is sealed in a container that is not liable to leak, and is packaged so as not to cause damage to the container. (2) Individual caustic potash not exceeding 25 g , Which is sealed in a container which is not liable to be damaged In the case of high pressure gas it is carbon dioxide gas which is enclosed in a fire extinguisher and oxygen gas which is enclosed in a medical oxygenator What was done
Liquid hydrocyanic acid not exceeding 0.5 liters, chloroform and formalin which are sealed in containers that are not liable to leak and packaged so as not to damage the container
It is a battery that is placed in a solid wooden box and is packed so that the terminals are not exposed to the outside

The Disabled

About discount

If you have the following notebook, you will sell your ticket at a discounted rate (see above price list) only if you present your notebook at the window when purchasing a ticket.
In addition, we will limit the change to the discount rate with the notebook presentation after purchase at the general rate before the start of the ride.

※ Once you have purchased a round-trip ticket, if you already got on a one-way ticket, you can not change to a discounted rate.

  • 身体障がい者手帳
  • Nursing notebook (love notebook)
  • 精神障がい者保健福祉手帳
  • A-bomb survivor health notebook


There are stairs and so on

Number of stairs

· Lakeside station: 64 steps
· Fujimidai station: 112 steps

About using wheelchair

There are stairs etc. when using. It is difficult to move by wheelchair.
※ If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to tell the staff.

About reduction application

Please be sure to submit a "Ride fee reduction exemption application form" beforehand when you use Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji panorama ropeway at the event of facility to be reduced / exempted.

Application method

1. For those who are eligible to apply for reduction, please download the "Ride fee reduction exemption application form" below.

· Application fee reduction reduction application (Word)

2. 申請書に必要事項をご記入の上、事前にFAXにて申請してください。(FAX:0555-72-5180)

3. On the day, presenting the "Ride fee reduction exemption application form" base paper does not require presenting a notebook.

Installation status of AED

AED: Automatic external defibrillator (Automated External Defibrillator, AED) is installed at lakeside station, Fujimidai station.

Group Reservation



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