Questions about sales

1. Can I use pets?

You can use until medium size.
With regard to pets (small animals) excluding auxiliary dogs, they can be accompanied for a fee only by placing them in the hard carry for pets only inside the gondola.
※ I am refusing to get in the back cart

The boarding fare is small 100 yen, medium size 200 yen.

2. I would like to know the price of the ropeway

For more information ,Price pagePlease refer to the.

3. I would like to know the operation time of the ropeway

Information pagePlease refer to the.

4. I would like to know the congestion situation of the ropeway

Golden Week, the summer season (late July - late August), the autumn leaves season (November) will be crowded so please take a moment with time.

5. Is it possible to book a ropeway?

There is no reservation system. You will get a ride in line in order.
Please contact us in advance in case of group customers.

6. I would like to know the weather and temperature of the summit

There is a temperature difference of about 2 to 3 degrees by month compared to Tokyo. You can keep it cool in the summer.
In winter, precipitation is also small, the probability of seeing Mt. Fuji will increase.

7. Can I go to the top of Tenjozan by car with my car

I am sorry, it will be only a mountain trail until the top of the mountain.
We are forbidden to pass general vehicles all year round.
Please use the ropeway or climbing road.

8. Please tell me how to get to Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji panorama ropeway.

For more information Access pagePlease refer to the.

9. Please tell me the operation time of the ropeway.

It operates every 5 to 10 minutes every day.
In addition, we will operate at frequent intervals when organizations etc. return at any time.

10. Please tell me the last time.

○ normal period
The end of the rise is 17:00, but since the final descent is 17: 20, considering the staying time at the observation deck etc.
Please get on the flight departing from the lakeside station at 17:00 at the latest.
○ December 1 - February 28
The end of the upstream is 16:20, but since the final descent is 16:40, considering the staying time at the observation deck etc.
Please get on the flight from Lakeside Station at 16:20 at the latest.

11. Please tell me about the holiday of the ropeway.

Although it is basically open all year round (year-end and new year also is open), it may be canceled depending on weather conditions (strong wind, thunder etc.).

12. ~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji Do you have a parking lot at the panorama ropeway?

~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji Since the parking lot of the panorama ropeway is limited, (large vehicles can not enter)
Please use the prefectural free parking lot on the bank of Kawaguchiko (about 300 passenger cars). (Large-sized vehicle possible)
For more information ACCESS & SURROUNDINGSPlease refer to the.

13. I have a handicapped Personality, do you have discount benefits?

If you have the following notebook, you will sell the ticket at a discounted rate (see above price list) only if you present your notebook at the window when purchasing a ticket.
In addition, we will limit the change to the discount rate by presenting the notebook after purchase at the general rate before the start of boarding.
※ After purchasing a round-trip ticket, if you already have a one-way ride, you can not change to a discounted rate

Physically handicapped person notebook
A notebook of love
Care book
Mental disabled person health and welfare notebook
A-bomb survivor health notebook
One, two kind 1st class, second class notebook If you have one, it will be half price.
(1, 2 class 1st class, 2nd grade, half accompanying person per person half price)

【About reduction exemption application】
~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji Panorama Ropeway offers a reduction application form.
For details Tickets & Business Hour Please refer to the.

14. Can I ride a stroller / wheelchair with a rope?

ただし階段数は、湖畔駅(山麓駅)64段、富士見台駅(山頂駅)112段ございますので予めご了承ください。 また混雑時には、ご乗車の際折りたたんでのご乗車にご協力いただきますようお願いいたします。
詳しくはお問合せください(TEL 0555-72-0363)

15. When going with a car, tell me the information to enter for the car navigation system.

~河口湖~ 富士山パノラマロープウェイの所在地と電話番号は以下のとおりです。
所在地: 富士河口湖町浅川1163-1
電話: 0555-72-0363


16. When is the best time to see hydrangeas?

Hydrangea is around every year due to the amount of rain during the rainy season, but it is said that the middle of July to the beginning of August is the best time to see flowers.

17. When is the best time to see the autumn leaves

The sunshine hours of that year and the timing of autumn leaves decided by cold weather in the morning and evening. It is not always true that autumn leaves are on the same day every year, but the best time to see the summit is from the beginning of November to the middle of November.
Especially the yellow leaves and Kawaguchiko that were illuminated by the setting sun have spectacular views.
In the aerial walk, watching the mountains in the golden leafy autumn leaves. The best time to see is from early November to mid-November.

18. Are the ropeways running even in winter

We operate all year long. (Depending on the weather, etc., we may stop running)

19. I would like to climb a mountain

For more information Hiking information pagePlease refer to the.

20. For people with disabilities

For more information Tickets & Business HourPlease refer to the.

21. Do you have group discounts

We are located.
Customers with more than 15 people will be treated as a group and can use the ropeway with group fares.
For more information Tickets & Business HourPlease refer to the.

22. Is it possible to use a credit card at the ropeway

In the ropeway, credit cards can be used at both ticket booths and shops.

In addition to this, you can also use transportation electronic money and WeChat pay settlement.

23. Is it possible to refund tickets once purchased?

You can not refund tickets purchased once.
However, unused tickets can be refunded at the ticket office.

24. I purchased a set ticket, but can you refund it?

Please check with the facility purchased only when unused set ticket purchased once.

25. I have a Kawaguchiko pleasure boat and a Kawaguchiko Round Bus ticket, but can I exchange it for a set ticket if I pay the difference?

I am sorry but we do not sell it by the difference amount.

26. How much is the parking fee?

For more information ACCESS & SURROUNDINGSPlease refer to the.

27. Can I re-ride?

No. It will be a one-time ride.

28. Are you driving even on rainy days?

または~河口湖~ 富士山パノラマロープウェイ 電話 0555-72-0363へお問い合わせください。

29. Can I bring a lunch box in the facility?

Yes. It is possible.

30. When using a ropeway and a pleasure boat Which deals with a set ticket or a discount ticket?

Purchase with set tickets is advantageous.

For example
【In case of set ticket】
Ropeway Adult roundtrip 800 yen + Pleasure boat 930 yen = 1,730 yen, Set ticket 1,400 yen

【Case of discount ticket】
If the discount ticket is used, it will be 720 yen round trip + 840 yen ⇒ 1,560 yen for ropeway adults.
(If you bring a ticket for a ropeway ride to the Kawaguchiko Pleasure Boat, you can purchase it at 20% discount.)

Question regarding group use

1. Is there a group discount

Fujikyu ConciergeYou can apply from.

2. I would like to go by a charter bus, but what is application?

Fujikyu Conciergeplease use.

3. Is there a rest area?

Spaces are limited.
For more informationFACILITIESPlease refer to the.

4. Where is the large-sized bus parking lot?

There is a "prefectural free parking lot" on the banks of Kawaguchiko.
For more information Access surrounding informationPlease refer to the.

5. Where is the receptionist of the group?

Kawaguchi lakeside station It becomes a ticket sale place.
For more information Access surrounding informationPlease refer to the.

6. I'd like to take a commemorative photo with a group

ご予約の際にお気軽に~河口湖~ 富士山パノラマロープウェイ 電話 0555-72-0363へお問い合わせください。

7. I would like to use it at a ceremonial event of a company or union

お気軽に~河口湖~ 富士山パノラマロープウェイ 電話 0555-72-0363へお問い合わせください。

8. I would like to preliminary inspection at the time of group use

お気軽に~河口湖~ 富士山パノラマロープウェイ 電話 0555-72-0363へお問い合わせください。

9. Is there a reduction application form?

We are preparing reduction exemption application form.
This pagePlease download and use it.

10. Can I bring a lunch box?

詳しくは 施設案内をご覧ください。
お気軽に~河口湖~ 富士山パノラマロープウェイ 電話 0555-72-0363へお問い合わせください。

11. Is there a place to change diapers or breastfeed?

Please use the restroom at the top of the mountaintop.

Questions about goods

1. ~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji Panorama Ropeway Do you sell original products?

We deal with the summit shop "Tanuki tea house".
For more information ~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji Introduction of Panorama Ropeway Original GoodsPlease see the page.

2. Do you mail order goods?

I'm sorry, we do not do.
Please purchase by all means when using.

Other questions

1. I'd like to gather and shoot

富士急行株式会社 社長室広報担当(0555-22-7113)までお問い合わせください。

2. Can I smoke in the facility?

Smoking is prohibited on the premises. We appreciate your cooperation.

3. ~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji I'd like to work at a panorama ropeway

~河口湖~ 富士山パノラマロープウェイ 電話 0555-72-0363までお問い合わせください。

4. I have lost someone

それ以降にお気づきになられた場合は~河口湖~ 富士山パノラマロープウェイ 電話 0555-72-0363までお問い合わせください。

5. If you feel sick while using

Please consult with your nearest staff.

6. I'd like to send a lot of souvenirs

Please tell the staff.

7. Is there a coin locker?

There is a coin locker at the lakeside station.
Small 10 pieces 31 cm in length × 35 cm in width × 45 cm in depth
Large 4 Pieces 80 cm × 36 cm × 45 cm Depth
For more information Kawaguchi lakeside stationPlease refer to the.

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